Food Friday! (My first one)

In honor of my sister’s BIG 18th Birthday today…(HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!)…I’m going to be starting a new weekly post/thing/sharing/series of recipes, websites, and just of food I LOVE!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

To start out the series…I will be sharing a recipe from one of the most fabulous women in the world of cooking, crafts, home-making, and just plain existing…yup…you guessed it…(insert James Bond voice here →) Stewart, Martha Stewart…and this recipe is easy, delicious, and perfect for every occasion…(and by occasion, I mean…just wanting to bake something for no occasion at all 😉 ) So without further ado…I present to you my VERY First “Food Friday” recipe!

Busy-Day Chocolate Cake
(Just click the picture and it will take you to Martha’s site with the full recipe)