Irks me…

Okay…I don’t think I’ve stated this before…or maybe I have…but I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE finding new and inspiring blogs/websites to find ideas, inspiration, recipes, and/or everything in between…but…today I’m just browsing through some new blogs I found, and it is just really irking me to read about how badly things are for these people when they are trying to re-do their house, and something goes wrong…and they ‘can’t believe they have to open 25 boxes of something to make sure it’s the right thing‘…when there are seriously countless numbers of people all around the world that would be so unbelievably grateful to even have a home…or even 1 box of something to open…

Sorry…I know I’m just being a little too judgmental today…and I don’t know anything else about these bloggers, (besides for these exact posts that I’m reading)…like how they got to where they are now, and what they’ve (hopefully) done to give back to their community …So yes I’m being unfair…but it just felt better to get that out…maybe I’ll go read about these bloggers and actually ‘get to know them’ before I start blogging about them…(even though I wouldn’t ever mention who exactly ‘these bloggers’ are…)

Thanks for coming along on my rant…♥


*Caturday* EMERGENCY *featuring Pokey*!!!

Cutest pic of Pokey yet!!!♥♥♥ (This was an emergency…to cheer you up) *click the pic to go to “The Official Grumpy Cat™ Tumblr


Save some $$$

Since I have this AWESOME site → → Common Sense with Money ← ← I’m always onsaving money…I thought I should share it with my lovely followers…in case you haven’t heard of it …OHHHH….and sign up for daily emails….which give you the daily roundup of savings, free e-books, etc, for that day…you’re welcome 🙂


One BIG awesome site…

REFINERY 29….is by far one of my most favorite websites out there….♥ I get daily emails…and I visit the site more than once a day….It’s the kinda site for fashion, beauty, style, and greatness all wrapped up in one!!!!!

Here’s one of my favorite posts of theirs (definitely go check it out): 29 Of Fashion’s Biggest Mysteries, Solved!