Cat Tuesday! *featuring* Tardur AKA ‘Grumpy Cat’



One BIG awesome site…

REFINERY 29….is by far one of my most favorite websites out there….♥ I get daily emails…and I visit the site more than once a day….It’s the kinda site for fashion, beauty, style, and greatness all wrapped up in one!!!!!

Here’s one of my favorite posts of theirs (definitely go check it out): 29 Of Fashion’s Biggest Mysteries, Solved!


Sunset Workout…

I just finished the “Sunset Workout” created by the ladies, Karena and Katrina, from Tone It Up…but it’s actually on their YouTube Channel…if you want a really quick, easy, and FUN workout…then I suggest you go try it out!!!!! (And it doesn’t hurt that their bodies are like the ULTIMATE inspiration && motivation…♥♥♥)